School Calendar

Academic Calendar for the 2017-2018 School Year

We have 174 scheduled school days in our school-wide calendar. To reach the State of Georgia’s requirement for a 180-day school year, six additional days of school are required for each student. Students and families are to choose at least six days of school-designed activities from the list of options scheduled during weekends and school breaks. While several activities are designed for the entire school, others are age-group specific. You will receive additional information during the school year about day trips and overnights available to your child’s classroom community. Family trip attendance counts as school attendance, and while different families may take advantage of different opportunities, a student’s absence from any of his or her six chosen family trips will be treated as an absence from school. This policy reflects the philosophy that learning is best when the entire family is engaged. Favorite recurring outings include trips to the Atlanta Science Festival, the Decatur Book Festival, and Cumberland Island.


2017-2018 School Year

Mon, July 24: First Day of School
Mon, Aug 28: All Parent Meeting
Mon, Sept 4: Labor Day Holiday – No School
Fri, Sept 22: Dismissal by 12:30 PM (No CAPS)
Sept 23 – Oct 15: Fall Break

Mon, Oct 16: Regular Schedule Resumes for 2nd Quarter
Wed, Nov 22: Dismissal by 12:30 PM (No CAPS)
Thurs, Nov 23 – Fri, Nov 24: Thanksgiving Holiday – No School
Fri, Dec 15: Dismissal by 12:30 PM (No CAPS)
Dec 16 – Jan 7: Winter Break

Mon, Jan 8: Regular Schedule Resumes for 3rd Quarter
Mon, Jan 15: Martin Luther King, Jr., Holiday – No School
Mon, Feb 5: All Parent Meeting
Mon, Feb 19: Presidents’ Day Holiday – No School
Fri, Mar 9: Dismissal by 12:30 PM (No CAPS)
Fri, Mar 9: Evening for the Arts
Mar 10 – Apr 1: Spring Break

Mon, Apr 2: Regular Schedule Resumes for 4th Quarter
Mon, Apr 9: Grandparents’ Day
Sat, May 26 – Sun, May 27: (Tentative) Family Trip to Cumberland Island National Seashore
Mon, May 28: Memorial Day Holiday – No School
Fri, June 1: Last Day of School Dismissal by 12:30 PM (No CAPS)
Sun, June 3: Graduation Tea
June 3 – July 22: Summer Break